Enjoy whatever your heart desires.

We offer plans to let you enjoy your time more freely and more leisurely.

As for the prices, please refer to the booking sites, or the desired accommodation date and the plan you choose on the inquiry form and inquire.

トリップショットホテルズ・コザ 客室

【Staying Only Plan】

This is a plan that does not include ingredients or borrowing the BBQ set. It will be a great plan for those who want to spend their time freely.


トリップショットホテルズ・コザ 客室

【Pot Pan with Ingredients (November to April only)】

This is a spring and winter limited plan. Please enjoy the shabu-shabu pot in your Villa room.
We bring a shabu-shabu pot of marbled sweet and tasty Agu- pork to your room.
Ingredients: Shabu-shabu slices of Agu- pork, mizuna, Chinese cabbage, shimeji, enoki, shiitake mushrooms, green onions, carrots, Okinawa soba (Please enjoy Okinawa soba with ponzu sauce after you finish eating your shabu-shabu.)

トリップショットホテルズ・コザ 長期宿泊

【Long-Term Accommodation Plan (Web reservations only)】

This is a plan for those who want to stay for six or more consecutive nights, i.e. one week or more.



トリップショットホテルズ・コザ アニバーサリープラン

【Anniversary Plan (Web reservations only)】

This is a plan for those wishing to celebrate an event such as an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc. Let's make a celebration for people important to you with a surprise. This plan will be only available to you if you directly contact us from our official website. To contact us for this purpose, please fill out your desired accommodation date and indicate that you wish to order the Anniversary Plan.


For confirmation of vacancy on the desired accommodation day, or for consultation on an anniversary, etc., please contact us, using the following form.