Places we recommend nearby.

There are many fabulous shops around Trip Shot Hotels Koza such as dining cafes, Japanese pubs and a Tacos shop. During your stay please visit them.

トリップショットホテルズ・コザ プレイヤーズカフェ

〇Player’s CAFÉ

“Players Café” which is located on the ground floor of “ROCK SIDE” serves as a hotel reception as well as a lounge. It is a unique café bar with an Okinawan flavor mixing foreign culture. It has a European bar feel to it and there are dishes served in skillet. For those staying at Trip Shot Hotels Koza, a soft drink is available for free at the “Players Café” so please enjoy it as a lounge.

Address : 2-6-47 Chuoh, Okinawa City Okinawa
Business Hours:17:00~24:00
Regular Holiday:Tuesday


トリップショットホテルズ・コザ 鶏五郎

“Charcoal Jumbo Yakitori Torigoro”

“Charcoal Jumbo Yakitori Torigoro” located in a shopping arcade. It has a feel of a nostalgic food stall and seating created by turning an Orion beer case upside down adds a unique touch. Taking advantage of the arcade, it is outside but feels like inside! This unique openness, you cannot experience anywhere else. Including “Jumbo Yakitori” which you can choose between salt, sauce and garlic sauce, all skewers are 100 yen each and other plate dishes are all 300 yen, so it is very reasonably priced like what you would pay at a food stall.

Address : 1-7-11 Chuoh, Okinawa City Okinawa
Business Hours:17:00~28:00
Regular Holiday:Sunday


トリップショットホテルズ・コザ 足立屋

“Izakaya Adachiya”

“Izakaya Adachiya” located across from the room “ROOF TOP STAR” is one of the most popular pubs in Okinawa. The name “Adachiya” comes from Adachi-ku where the owner comes from. All the walls inside are blackboards and menus are written all over. There are six counter tables of “Skewer”, “Teppanyaki”, “Chinese”, “Seafood”, “Stew” and “Fried food on skewer” and they are all cooked right in front of your eyes. Of course, wherever you sit, you can order whatever you like so you can enjoy various dishes with ease.


Address : 1-20 Chuoh, Okinawa City Okinawa
Business Hours:17:00~26:00
Regular Holiday:Monday


トリップショットホテルズ・コザ チャーリータコス


This is the first shop in Okinawa specializing in tacos with over 50 years of history. A variety of food sandwiched in a doughy soft tacos shell and its special salsa sauce using Shima chili pepper is so delicious. Three are three varieties: beef, chicken and tuna tacos. It has become very popular among the American soldiers and it is now a famous shop loved by many as a must in Koza.

Address : 4-11-5 Chuoh, Okinawa City Okinawa
Business Hours:11:00~21:00
Regular Holiday:Thursday



トリップショットホテルズ・コザ 中央マート

"Chuou Mart"

Supermarket. Of course they stock drinks, sake and daily necessities but their variety of Bentou(Lunch Box) and side dishes that they make in-house are also popular. Depending on the season, they also sell home-made Okinawa sweets including Pawpaw and Moochie, so please try them as well.

Address : 1-32-10 Chuoh, Okinawa City Okinawa
Business Hours: 7:30~22:00, 9:00~22:00(Sun)
Regular Holiday:Year round